The trusted financial app for the Latino family

We're launching the first banking1 app made specially for Latino families.

Why people love Crediverso

Angela Ayala

Houston, Texas
Thank you for helping us and giving us guidance. (translated from Spanish)


One of the problems facing the Hispanic population is the lack of financial information and education on personal finance issues to navigate the US banking and financial system, as well as tools to invest and increase capital. Hispanic Carlos Hernandez created one of those solutions. (translated from Spanish)

Rachel Mendelson

Evanston, Illinois
Crediverso is a solid option if you are looking for features that take specific consideration of Hispanic American people, immigrants, or non-US citizens.

How is Crediverso different?
See for yourself!

Crediverso Traditional Banking Services
Fees No monthly service fee Monthly service fees
Customer Service 100% in Spanish (coming soon) Not guaranteed in Spanish
Approval Instant or quick approval2 Potential wait times for approval

What is Crediverso?

Created by Latinos for Latinos, Crediverso is a technology company focusing on finances, and built with our community’s needs in mind. We know how important family is, how we help one another through thick and thin, and the impact that can have on the finances. We bring you solutions to help the whole family thrive.


What We Offer:

We provide a convenient, trustworthy way to manage your money, no tricks or hidden agendas, so you can help your abuela save your money right here, right now.

ITIN Numbers Welcome3
Open an account1 with an SSN OR an ITIN and your passport
Customer Support
A tailored customer support in native English or Spanish for you to choose
Checking Account1 with no Monthly Fees
Managing your money shouldn’t cost you a thing. Crediverso supports your goals and helps you and your family thrive.
Money Insured
Your money is secured, FDIC insured5
Seamless Application Process for the Whole Family
Create your account1 and invite your familia4 (coming soon)
Grow your Money and Manage your Budget
Grow your money and manage your budget alongside your family's.