We envision a world where all communities have access to the financial and legal resources they need.

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Our Mission

Crediverso was born from an idea to broaden access to financial and legal services to the Hispanic community across the country. As we’ve evolved, we recognized that other communities, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs, could also benefit from tools that help them meet their financial and legal goals. Crediverso is reshaping the point of entry to legal and financial systems with tools that help our users take charge, partnering with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families and individuals to navigate their lives with more confidence and knowledge.


Empathy not Sympathy

We get it. We’ve all dealt with adversity and challenges in our financial lives. We take what we’ve learned from our own challenges and successes and use that insight to build a customer-centric company.

Don’t be a Robot

We embrace our intuition just as we embrace data and facts. We start with data, but recognize that part of the decision criteria is un-measurable.

Ask Why, then How

A sense of purpose is our biggest motivation. We believe 'the how' comes later as there are multiple options, from partnerships to building in house solutions, to make it possible.

Empower Each Other

We are at our best when we are doing what we love. We seek to align our day to day with what brings us the most fulfillment. We love to learn new things and learn from each other.

We Work For the Customer

When the job gets tough, we remember that all the work we do is to improve the lives of our customers. While we have many stakeholders, decisions will be made first and foremost with the best interest of our customers in mind.

Siempre Juntos!

At the end of the day, we are a family and we treat each other as such. We celebrate our victories together, just as we support each other when things get tough.