We understand that these are difficult times for everyone and your health comes first. We also know that during the festivities you might plan on sending money to your loved ones abroad.  If you are wondering how to send money abroad without going to your local store, Crediverso can help you figure out a way to do so.

Crediverso helps many people send money to other countries from their mobile devices or computers without doing in-person. It’s pretty simple if you consider the following points:

1. Go to our send money website: Review the country of origin and country of destination first. Then, choose the amount and the currency you plan on sending. After that, choose one of the different options to send the money from (credit card, debit card or bank account) and how your counterpart will receive the money (bank account or pay a bill)

2. Cash alternatives: If you are used to sending money with cash and visiting your preferred local store to deliver it, you can look at the following alternatives to avoid contact with other people:

    1. Deposit your cash into an ATM: Go to your closest bank ATM to deposit your cash. Once the cash is deposited in the ATM, you can choose to move it across your bank accounts that are linked to your debit or credit cards. Make sure to review your bank accounts and cards’ transfer fees so you don’t spend too much money in the transaction
    2. Send money from your credit card, debit card or bank account: Once the cash is in the right account, these contact-less options will allow you to send money without having any in-person contact.
    3. Make sure you choose the most convenient transfer option for your counterpart: Check-in with the person you are sending the money to and coordinate the best way for them to receive the cash. Whatever their preferred method of transfer is, make sure you remind them about the necessary health measurements.

Crediverso wants you and your loved ones to feel safe when transferring money abroad. Stay tuned in for more relevant information on how to feel safe while doing your finances!