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About Crediverso

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Who are we?

We are a company founded in 2019 to help you take control of your financial future. We provide easy and free financial products and services in English and Spanish. Our goal is to help you make safer, more confident financial decisions for you to invest in your future. To learn more, visit here.

How can Crediverso help me?

We offer easy-to-use financial tools to help you check your credit score or send money abroad. Our resources and tools are available in English and Spanish to help you understand complex financial information. We provide independent and unbiased reviews about financial products, all written by top experts in the finance field.

Is Crediverso Free?

Everything we offer is 100% free. We charge banks and credit card providers a small fee after you purchase a loan or a credit card from our platform. We actively seek out the best recommendations for credit cards that are tailored to your needs and credit score.

How can I change the language of the website?

You can change the language of the website at any time by clicking on the English / Spanish language button at the top right of any page.

Security And Policies

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What information do you collect?

We only ask for your email for your account. If you want to get a credit check, we ask for name, address, email, date of birth, and your Social Security Number (SSN). We do not store any of the data.

Why do you need my information?

We use your personal information to create your Crediverso account to provide you with many good perks. Also, we use your information to get your credit report from credit bureaus.

Is my information safe?

We do not share any of your information. In addition, We use industry-standard security controls, such as 256-bit cryptography, to protect your information and follow SOC 2 security standards, set by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

How do you use cookies?

We use cookies to make your experience smooth on Crediverso. Your cookies are only stored for up to 30 days.

Credit Check

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What is a credit score?

A credit score is a number rating between 300 and 850 that tells lenders how likely you are to pay back the money based on the history of your financial behaviors. A higher number means you are considered to be more creditworthy by financial institutions.

What is a credit report?

A credit report shows your current credit status and your credit activities in the past. Unlike a credit score, which simply tells you about your rating, a credit report contains more in-depth information about your credit history such as a list of credit accounts, payment history, public records, and hard inquiries.

What is a credit check service?

A credit check is a service that tells you what your credit score is. We offer you a free credit check in Spanish and English with no impact on your credit score and you will have access to information about how you can improve your score.

How does Crediverso get my credit score?

We have partnered with national credit bureaus to get your credit score.

Why do you need my SSN (Social Security Number)?

Our partners need to verify your identity and pull your credit information. We only ask for your SSN once when you first get a credit check.

Can I get a credit check without a SSN?

Currently, you need a SSN to get a credit check. However, we are working hard to allow people without a SSN to get a credit report. Sign up here to receive updates.

Can I get a credit check with an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)?

Currently, you need a SSN to get a credit check. However, we are working hard to allow people without a SSN to get a credit report. Sign up here to receive updates.

What is a FICO score?

A FICO score is a type of credit score that financial institutions use to assess credit risk. It depends on many factors such as payment history, current level of indebtedness, types of credit used, length of credit history, and new credit accounts.