When I send money out of the country, can I get fee and exchange rate information in my language?

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Sending money abroad can be a completely different experience depending on the provider you choose. What about the information though? Is it possible to see it in your preferred language?

Sending money abroad

Sending money abroad is a common practice among lots of people. Banks and providers in general have the obligation of giving you a receipt for your transfer and also all the information related to the transfer, such as any fees they charged you and the exchange rate for your money transfer. Don’t forget that this type of operation can take up to 5 days to reflect on the receiver’s account.

Information in my language

MoneyGram is a platform that offers sending money services. They have 350,000 locations all over the world, and you can choose between receiving money in cash or in a bank account. Apart from this, they give you all the information regarding your money transfers in your preferred language (English, Spanish and French).


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