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What information will I get after I send money internationally?

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Sending money internationally can take up to 5 days. A lot of things happen during that time to ensure that the money you sent arrives to the recipient’s account. Part of this security process requires some information in order to be able to send money internationally. You will also need to pay a fee when you send money internationally. You can learn more about it in this article. But what happens after you send money internationally? What information will you get when you do it?

After you send the money…

All providers are required to give you information after you send money. Typically, you will get:

  • The amount you sent
  • The exchange rate
  • What to do if there is any mistake or error
  • The amount expected to be received
  • When the money will be available
  • Information on how to contact CFPB

If you are looking for a provider to send money internationally, you can go to our website to see which provider has the best rates and send money from there. Some of our partners have great rates, and you can read more about them here:

With MoneyGram you can send money online or with their phone app to more than 200 countries around the world. You can send money from: debit cards, credit cards, online bank accounts and Cash at locations. You can receive the money directly to a bank account, debit card deposit or you can pick up the cash.

The Skrill Money Transfer is a service provided by PaySafe Limited. They connect consumers across 70 payment types in over 40 currencies. With Skrill you can send money from: credit cards, debit cards, Sofort and Rapid transfer. You can receive the money through a bank account or mobile money.


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