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What information do I need to send money internationally?

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Sending money overseas can take up to 5 days, and it’s important to do your research and choose the best service provider. Before choosing a provider though, be prepared with the information you will need in order to send money internationally.

Information required

  1. Recipients information

You will need to provide the recipients name, address, account name and number, and their SWIFT code.

  1. Transfer details

This is not required by institutions, but it is some information that we recommend you know before sending money internationally: do some research about the current exchange rates for you to be able to choose the best service provider.

Service providers

They have more than 500,000 agencies around the world, covering more than 200 countries. They have an app that makes it easier for their users to send and receive money and to track their money transfers, which gives you knowledge of where your money is. Another important thing to know is that you can choose how you send money: either you can make your transfer with cash or with your bank account.

Bridge21 works differently than traditional banks. They use a bridge rate to reduce extra charges for the money transfer. You will get your first transfer commission free (up to $3,000) and then a 1% fee for every money transfer.

They offer lots of services for all their users. They have a multi-currency account, a card and international money transfers. Wise is regulated in multiple countries, so your money is safe with them. They also try to help you send money at the actual exchange rate, without any hidden fee.


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