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Send money back home for the upcoming holidays

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Sending money back home is an easy process, and it’s an excellent gift for these upcoming holidays. Here are some things to consider, and one of the best partners to do so:

Banks or online providers

Both solutions offer secure and effective money transfers. Online providers will make the most of your money and ensure that your transfer arrives as soon as possible, with express transfer services that take as little as the same day. On the other hand, banks rely on the SWIFT network, which takes around 1 to 4 business days.

Western Union

This partner operates the biggest international money transfer network. Western Union’s best advantage is that they offer cash pickup services with over 500,000 locations worldwide. By simply following these steps, your relative or friend will be able to collect their money in a fast and easy way:

  1. Answer a few questions in the WU app
  2. Locate the nearest WU agent location
  3. Bring ID and transfer tracking number

If you were to send 1,000 USD to Mexico in the upcoming days by paying with a debit or credit card, your recipient would receive around 20.1 – 20.4k MXN within minutes!

Many options can give you an excellent service, offering competitive rates and times that suit you.


Daniel Quiroz

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