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How do I send money internationally from my debit card?

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Debit cards are the tangible extension of your bank account. These can be used for many purchases and money transfers. When it comes to sending money with a debit card bear the following:

How much can you send with a debit

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There is no maximum amount to transfer money from debit. However, debit cards have a maximum amount of daily transactions. This will depend on the bank and type of card; you can check what your conditions are on daily transactions and withdrawals on your issuers’ website or call center.

Partners to send money with a debit

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When it comes to sending money abroad, we have many partners that offer debit card transactions. Here are some of them:

  1. Remitly: If you want to send a small amount of money this could be one of your best options. The fees are great but express transfers have higher fees.
  2. Wise: They offer quick and accessible transfers to 144 countries, which makes it a very competitive option. While they are known for their excellent service, there is a daily limit for transactions. There are better options if you are looking to send large amounts of money.
  3. World Remit: Fast transfers and amounts up to $10,000 make this a very convenient option. They also offer cash pick up in many countries.

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