How do I cancel a money transfer?

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You can cancel money transfers up to a certain point, and doing so is dependent on each company. Here is an approach to the cancellation process and how to do it with WorldRemit.

When can I cancel my transfer?

You may cancel your money transfer if it has not reached the confirmation status. At this point, the money has changed into the currency you chose, and you will have to contact your remittance provider directly. Only in specific cases will the transfer still be canceled, so please note that the sooner you get in touch, the better the chance of cancellation.

Canceling with WorldRemit 

You must first access the WorldRemit website or application. Then, identify your transaction within your account and click on the “request cancellation” button. The WorldRemit team will send you a confirmation email as soon as your transfer gets canceled. If your transfer is already deposited into your recipient’s account, the transaction may not be refunded, and you will have to contact your family or friend and ask them to send the money back.


Paid transactions may be recovered if the owner of the recipient account authorizes the recall. They will need to speak to their bank directly and have sufficient balance in his/her/their account to make a successful recall.


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