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Best ways to send money to Mexico

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There are different ways to send money from the United States to Mexico. As you can see in this article, there are three different ways to send money from the United States to Mexico: International Wire Transfers, Cash pickup and bank transfers. The difference among those options is that some are safer and take longer, while others are easier to access and use. Take a look at these options to send money to Mexico from the United States:


A great option to transfer money online. They do not have any hidden fees and the process to set up an account is easy. The process to send money is also very straightforward. The money will be received as a bank deposit.

Transfer fee 0.61% of your transfer + $1.59
Exchange rate Market rate. No margins
How long does it take? From 0 to 1 business day


You are just a click away from sending money easily to your family. All you need to do is create an account, select your recipient, and choose your payment method. You can even use your credit or debit card. Be aware of the fees, if the money is being picked up in person at a MoneyGram establishment, the fee jumps to $5.99 if the money comes from a bank account. Paying with your credit or debit card can also make the fee jump to $13.99.

Transfer fee $1.99 flat fee
Exchange rate Close to the market rate
How long does it take? It can take just minutes depending on the method used


Great for money transfers with low rates. They usually are more flexible on delivery options than other providers and also have better rates.

Transfer fee $1.99
Exchange rate They add a margin to the market rate
How long does it take? Cash delivery is available immediately and wire transfers take 2 hours

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