Best ways to send money online

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There are many online money transfer service providers, and choosing the best one can be tricky. That’s why we bring you our top picks for sending money:


This company has one of the most competitive exchange rates in the market. With Wise, you can make money transfers with low fees of approximately 12-37 USD depending on your payment method. Paying with Bank debit (ACH) can reduce your transfer fee, while using credit is the most expensive. They also use a mid-market rate to determine exchange rates, which according to ClearCurrency, is the fairest and most transparent one.


This payment service allows users to send money internationally to either a bank account or their Skrill wallet. Use Skrill when you want to send money to a bank account, and your transfer will be fee-free even if you pay with debit or credit. Skill has more than 500,000 locations for pickup and can send money to more than 200 countries.


When using MoneyGram, the main perk is speed. They have different sending options that allow fast transfers in as fast as even a few minutes. They have a network of 350,000 points in more than 200 countries where your receiver can access cash pickup, which is an easy way to collect money. On the other hand, Moneygram has an uncompetitive exchange rate, unlike others. This service is worth it if you need quick money transfers and are willing to send less.


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