“I want my easy, nice and cheap loan in the United States!”

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“How many years do I have to work to pay only the interest on my credit loan” is something we hear frequently from our customers. However, there are plenty of other alternatives to traditional financial lenders. Here, we present one of the most accessible options for our Latin community.

Many Latinos cannot access fair loans in the United States due to lack of documentation, credit history, or simply due to the lack of information. Thus, credit unions, which are nonprofit financial institutions that function similar to banks, were created to offer loans and checking and savings accounts with less hassle and more savings for us.

Because they are small entities, cooperatives generally work locally within a single county or state. Therefore, listed below are the best credit unions published in Stilt where Latinos can open bank accounts:

California: Community First Credit Union, Kern Federal Credit Union, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, SCE Federal Credit Union, Autoayuda Federal Credit Union, Travis Credit Union

Florida: Jetstream Federal Credit Union, Manatee Community Federal Credit Union, Autoayuda Federal Credit Union, Suncoast Credit Union

Illinois: Illiana Financial Credit Union, Autoayuda Federal Credit Union

New Jersey: Primera Bergen Federal Credit Union, Federal Credit Union

New York: Cooperativa de Brooklyn, Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union, Unión de crédito federal del pueblo del Lower East Side, Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union

Texas: Alliance Credit Union, Cooperativa de crédito comunitaria de Amarillo, Beacon Federal Credit Union, Border Federal Credit Union, Caprock Federal Credit Union, Coastal Community Federal Credit Union, Cooperativa de crédito de recursos comunitarios, Cooperativa de crédito

Washington: Lower Valley Credit Union, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union


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