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What can I do instead of participating in a tanda?

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Many of you may have been invited to participate in a tanda, but that may not be the best idea for your money. Instead, we give you better alternatives for your money.

Risks of participating

This is not a formal way of saving your money. It is organized mainly inside offices and workspaces for employees to “save” money. You run a lot of risks considering the organizer can take all your money and decide to never pay you. Also, you don’t get any returns on your investment, so you will receive exactly what you gave to the tanda.

Tips for saving money

Instead, you can invest your money in CETES (Mexico) or treasury bonds. You can also create a savings account at your bank. These options are very low in risk, and they will guarantee you your money without it losing its value in time.

In conclusion

Avoid the tanda your coworker is inviting you to. Instead, look for regulated and official ways of saving and investing your money.

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Arturo Mendez

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