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Ways to save money on gas

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Saving on gas is a lot more than just saving in filling up your tank, and doing so will save you a few dollars. Follow these tips to improve on your gas expenses:

Smart Routing 

Thanks to apps such as Waze or Google Maps that offer real-time traffic information, you will be able to get from one place to another in the fastest and most efficient way. Avoid traffic jams, accidents, traffic lights, or anything else that could make your route less fuel-efficient.

Use apps for better refuelings

Refuel when it is most convenient for you, in the best place. With apps such as GasBuddy, you can predict when gas prices will go up and when they will be at their best. You can also find the best gas station near your home, office, or any other place you are.

Credit allies

If you want to get benefits on your regular purchases, including gas, look for cards with grocery-gas cashback. For example, the Blue Cash Preferred Card will give you 3% back on your gas purchases at U.S. gas stations, plus 6% on purchases at supermarkets. The Capital One Mastercard Walmart card will reward you with 2% if you refill at Walmart gas stations, 5% unlimited in Walmart online, and for 12 months 5% in physical stores. For a more accurate recommendation, fill out our credit card questionnaire.

Improve your transportation habits

When commuting to school or work, save a few bucks by inviting colleagues who live near you to drive each other alternating between days or weeks. You’ll reduce your expenses, save mileage on your car and positively impact the environment! You can also get a monthly pass public transport card, which will also help your finances.


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