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The best way to exchange currency while traveling

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Are you going on a trip soon? Finding the best way to exchange money will save you a few bucks and prevent you from having to pay extra fees. Follow these tips to have an unforgettable trip while paying the right exchange rates.

Avoid Exchange Kiosks at Airports

Sure, they are a comfortable option to exchange money before takeoff, but not the best one. Due to their accessibility, airport kiosks will charge much higher fees to exchange money with them and have a much higher exchange rate. Use this alternative as a last-option.

Consider your bank or credit union

To make the most of your money when exchanging money do it with your bank or credit union. They have the best average exchange rate in the market. Just make sure that your bank has cash for the currency you want to exchange, or else you will have to ask for it in advance.

Get a card without international transaction fees

Paying by credit card is a convenient, safe and efficient option. But watch out for foreign transaction fees. These fees will make your purchases go up at least 3%, and this can be an added expense to your trip. Most US banks offer cards that do not charge these fees.

When you travel, plan ahead to exchange cash so you can find the best exchange rate and stay within your initial budget. But most of all, have a nice trip!


Daniel Quiroz

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