Need help saving money? Try these budgeting apps!

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Budgeting is the best way to start taking care of your finances. It will help you better understand what your needs and liquidity are to achieve your goals. Although handwritten budgeting is good, these apps will help you stay organized:


This app has become increasingly popular for managing finances. It will help you categorize your expenses and make an analysis of what your highest categories are. It also takes care of your money by reminding you when payments are due so you don’t have to pay extra in late fees. Additionally, Mint features a credit score track service that will notify you of any changes in your status.

YNAB (You need a budget)

With this app, you can make sure that every dollar you earn is invested and helping you reach your goals. With budgeting tools such as financial goals tracking, expenses reports, and workshops, this platform will help you better define your priorities and goals and plan your month to month spending. Yes, this is a pricey tool, but be assured that it will become an expense that will benefit your finances.


This tool allows you to connect your bank accounts to the platform and it will keep a record of the most recurrent expenses and predict future ones. By doing this you will have a clearer picture of how much money you need for your day-to-day life, and you will be able to identify which expenses are costing you the most. It also features an automated savings system that will help you allocate money to your savings accounts without affecting your other expenses.


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