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How to avoid getting into debt during Christmas

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During the Christmas season, it is normal to want to give presents to the people that we appreciate as a way of expressing love and gratitude towards those people. Here is a strategy to avoid unnecessary purchases that can put you in an unfavorable financial situation:

  1. Number of presents: Make a list of the people to whom you want to give a gift along with the priority and an approximate value of the present you want to give. This way, you have a list of how many gifts you need to buy.
  2. Make a Budget: In this step, it is important that you evaluate your financial situation and quantify how much money you want/can afford to spend on gifts without having to go into debt.
  3. Avoid debt: As a general rule, avoid overspending so that you do not have to pay an interest rate on your credit card. In case you do not have money available for Christmas purchases, it is important that you know the different credit cards that you qualify for and obtain a card that is 0% APR for a period of time, usually 6 months.

In case you carry balance on your credit card, you can refinance with another card that offers 0% APR for refinance during a given period of time. Smart decisions will be reflected in less interest payment and more money in your pocket!


Harris Yoon

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