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5 tips to save money when traveling overseas

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Going on a trip to a foreign country is an enriching and fun experience, but all of it costs money. Here are 5 tips to save money when you are traveling overseas.

Tips to save money when traveling

  1. Exchange rate. Take a look at the exchange rates and try to convert the money you are taking in cash prior to arriving at the airport. Other places are usually more expensive in general for customers. Also, try cash withdrawals from ATMs, just be careful with the fees.
  2. Credit Card benefits. See if your credit card gives you any travel benefits like cashback, free hotel nights, discounts, and other rewards. Take advantage of these, a dollar you don’t spend on bookings and travel expenses is a dollar you save.
  3. Platforms. There are different travel websites that help you book your flights, hotels and even transportation at your destination, which can save you money.
  4. Make a budget. By doing this, you will start narrowing your schedule and you can plan ahead of time. Look into booking some activities in advance as well.
  5. Travel in the off-season. This is tricky for people that don’t have flexible work schedules, but if you have the possibility of traveling in the off-season, this is a great idea to save money.

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