5 gas apps to help you save money on the road

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Hitting the road? We’ve got you. Here are some apps to help you save money on gas while you enjoy your road trip:


This platform will not only help you get from one place to another, but it also has a route planning tool that will help you calculate the estimated cost in gasoline that your trip will have, in addition to providing you with lodging options for long routes.


With GetUpside, you can save up to 25 cents on your fuel refills and forget about the prices at the gas station. All you have to do is upload your ticket to the app and start getting the multiple benefits of its rewards program ranging from gas stations, groceries, and even restaurants!

Gas Buddy 

One of your best allies when it comes to saving on gas prices. This app allows you to compare prices among the most competitive in your area by just entering your zip code. It will also notify you when prices will be at their maximum and when is the best time to fill up your tank. They also feature a Gas Buddy card that links to your credit card and has benefits that go up to 25 cents off every gallon.

Gas Guru

This app will help you find the best gas prices near your favorite locations. Whether you want to compare gas station prices around your home or work, Gas Guru takes care of informing you about the best prices based on reliable data provided by the Oil Price Information Service. You can also filter the app by gas prices to show you affordable gas stations you can find in your city/area.


Last but not least, the Waze app is a real-time traffic app that has built a community of more than 140 million users who will help you to keep you informed of all eventualities and changes in your route. The Waze algorithm will help you save gas by taking you on the fastest route and avoiding traffic jams. You can also schedule events on the app so that Waze will help you get there on time, and it gives you the option of taking toll-free routes.


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