Does moving lower your FICO score?

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Are you moving or have you recently moved? One question to ask yourself is if moving affects your credit score, or more importantly, does it affect it negatively?

Ultimately, it depends on the credit bureau you are looking at. Some, like Experian, directly say that addresses have no impact on your credit score. On the other hand, there are some lenders and financial institutions that do look at this matter and consider it as a factor to determine how trustworthy someone may be.


Well, moving might not lower your credit score, but when you are applying for a new house or apartment, you might get a hard inquiry by the location’s management. They do this to see if you are someone they can trust. Be careful with this because hard inquiries can stay on your credit report for up to 2 years, so the more places you apply (where they do hard inquiries), the more hard inquiries you will be getting, which could end up affecting your credit score significantly. If you are only applying for one place, you don’t need to worry.


When moving, many people move first and then notify credit bureaus and financial institutions. The issue with this is your bills and important mail might be delivered to your old address. If not retrieved, you can possibly make your accounts go to collections because you would not notice when your bills and accounts are delivered. To avoid this issue, let all the relevant institutions (banks, credit bureaus,etc.) know that you are moving prior to the actual move. Also, it is highly recommended to enroll for paperless statements, which will send all your statements directly to your account, rather than to your house. This might help you avoid not receiving a statement correctly and hurting your credit score.

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