No SSN? Credit cards you can get with your ITIN

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Applying for a credit card with no SSN is possible if you have your ITIN. Here are some credit cards you can apply for:

Credit Cards with ITIN

With this credit card you will not have to pay annual fees, but you should be careful because it has a variable APR of 26.99%. It does not have a lot of rewards, but it is a solid option because you are eligible for a higher credit line in 6 months.

This card is similar to its unsecured “twin”. It has no annual fee, and even though it has a variable 26.99% APR, it is also a secured credit card, which will help you build your credit responsibly. You can put a $49 security deposit and get a $200 initial credit line. Also, just like the unsecured card, you will be eligible for a higher credit line in 6 months, with no initial deposit required.

This credit card was created for professional immigrants. It has no annual fee and you can get up to $5,000 as a credit limit. If you are just moving to the US and want to start building your credit as soon as possible, this can be a good starting option for you.


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