How to find you credit card number without your card

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Lost your credit card and need your credit card number? Well, don’t panic. Here’s what you can do to access your number.

The anti-panic guide for you

To begin with, you should check your credit card statement you get every month:

  • The two-step process
    1. Check your credit card statement. Sometimes banks show the 12 digits of your credit card. Otherwise, companies include only the last 4 digits of your credit card, so take note of those digits.
    2. You should also try checking your credit report. They usually include the first 8 digits, so you can then add the 4 digits you got from your credit card statement.
  • Online
    • Access your bank’s website. Banks find it useful to give you access to this kind of information.
  • Call
    • You can call your credit card company, and they can provide your account number and help you with the process.

In conclusion

Don’t worry if you lose your credit card; there is always a solution. Reach out to your bank or try the other suggestions above.


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