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How do credit cards report to credit bureaus?

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Credit Cards report constantly to credit bureaus to update your credit score. Here’s how they do it…


Why do credit cards report to credit bureaus?

Your credit score is important and a lot of factors affect it. Your credit card record is one of those factors, and the way you behave with your credit cards is something credit bureaus care about. This is because credit cards directly affects your credit score.


How do they report to credit bureaus?

Credit cards report to credit bureaus every billing cycle. If you constantly check your credit score, you might find that sometimes it does not match your current balance. That’s because credit card companies don’t always report to credit bureaus on time, so, what you are seeing on your credit report is what was last reported to the credit bureau.


In conclusion

You should not worry if you have recently paid off a debt or made a big change on your credit account, it may be a while before it shows up in your credit report.


Arturo Mendez

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