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Don’t have great credit? Try this credit card

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If you are struggling to obtain a credit card because you don’t have great credit score, don’t worry, here’s a great option for you:

Credit card for bad credit

This credit card is for people with limited credit history or a bad credit score. To get this credit card, you’ll need to pay $89 as an intro fee and $99 for the annual fee. Starting year 2, you will be paying a $6.25 monthly fee. With this said, you should be careful carrying a balance with this credit card. This credit card is useful if you are looking to improve your credit or want to build your credit history. After 12 months, you should be eligible for a better offer. Also, your first credit limit is $400, which is relatively higher than other usual unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit (they usually start at $300).


Arturo Mendez

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