Bank of America Preferred Rewards Program

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Millennials are taking over! Here’s how to make even more money by joining the Bank of America Preferred Rewards program if you have a BofA Cash Rewards or Travel Rewards card.

Millennials are bringing home bigger paychecks every day. Millennials are a tech-savvy generation who can easily navigate banking and credit card websites. But the best credit cards for millennials are all about the rewards, not the online experience.

Bank of America Preferred Rewards makes Bank of America credit cards a good choice for loyal customers. Joining this program gets you 25% to 75% more rewards. If you have a Bank of America cash back or travel rewards card, you have to know about Bank of America Preferred Rewards.

If you have a balance of at least $20,000, $50,000, or $100,000 across all Bank of America accounts, you can move into the next tier for bigger rewards. That puts you on track for bigger cash back or more free travel.

The best Bank of America credit card isn’t the same for everyone. The Bank of America Cash Rewards Card and Bank of America Travel Rewards Card both have no annual fee and get a boost from Preferred Rewards. If you have a large balance, you should look at the Bank of America Premier Rewards card. It has an annual fee, but bigger rewards and benefits.

Don’t just use your debit card or the same credit card you’ve always used. Look at the rewards, benefits, and protections when deciding how to pay. Millennials, and other generations, should always do their best to be savvy spenders.


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