Why should I have a savings account?

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We have been told to invest our money whenever we can, but saving has many benefits as well to help take care of your finances. Now, how can you get started?

Benefits of saving

Saving is an excellent practice to prepare for possible changes in your monthly financial planning. It will help you cover any eventuality that may arise, whether it’s an unforeseen expense or staying afloat for a job loss.

Another benefit of saving is that your money will be safe in a bank account. Banks offer insurance schemes such as FDIC-Insurance that will protect your money from fraud or theft. The latter only applies if you have your money in a bank account. If you have your money in cash, it might be stolen, lost or you may forget where you put it. It also doesn’t have any type of insurance to protect it. Open a savings account to reap the benefits of saving to the fullest.

Don’t go into debt

By saving, you will be able to meet expenses that may not be planned, instead of taking out a high-interest express loan or maxing out your credit cards. You will hopefully be able to get out of the situation you are in without needing to borrow money.

Reach your goals

By making monthly payments to your savings account, you will have a clearer picture of your financial situation, and you will be more aware of how to take action to get a little closer to your goal. You can open a savings account for each goal you set and pay it according to your priorities.


Allocating a percentage of your income to savings has many benefits. The key is balance, so distribute your income in a smart and efficient way.


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