Using an ATM overseas

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Did you run out of money? Using ATMs overseas is not the same as using them at home. Read more so that ATMs don’t catch you by surprise on your next trip:

Fees when using ATMs abroad

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In general, an ATM in another country should charge you between 3 and 5 dollars for each cash withdrawal. There are usually ATM networks that will also charge you a percentage for the cash you withdraw.

Avoiding ATM fees

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An excellent option to save money on international fees is to have a debit card that has a wide network of international ATMs, so you can withdraw money in the same way at home or abroad. Another good option to save money is to look for cards that reimburse international ATM fees both internationally and domestically.

Notify your bank

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When you travel, it is important to let your bank know that you will be leaving the country. This will prevent any movement out of the ordinary from creating a blockage on your account. It will complicate your trip and take precious time away from it by having to call your bank.

Take US Dollars

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The most widely used currency in the world is undoubtedly the U.S. dollar. There are countries and very touristic areas that even have the USD as their official currency. When you leave the US, carry a few dollars that could get you out of trouble around the world.

When you travel, there are many ways that you can save money and take care of your finances. This could be with cashback for travelers, cards without international fees, and many other solutions! Explore Crediverso’s blog section to find more useful content for travelers.


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